Shopping for quality leather furniture can be a little confusing, especially when you haven’t done it before. Following is a list of important items for both beginners and seasoned shoppers to check whenever shopping for leather furniture.

1. Choose 100% Top Grain Leather
Top grain leather refers to the top ¾-inch surface of the hide … split grain is what is left. Durable, supple and water repellent because of its natural oils, top grain leather gets more beautiful with age. Be aware of the use of imitation leather in less-noticable places like the sides and back of the furniture.

2. Check the Details of the Furniture’s Frame Construction
Though it’s hard to check it’s definitely worth your time. Quality furniture will be made from kiln-dried lumber and hardwood laminates to resist warping, cracking and structural failure. Also see if all joints are “double-blocked” and all connecting surfaces are glued, stapled and powerscrewed for added strength and dependability. Finally, watch out for plywood, particle board and softwood, all of which can hurt strength, reliability and integrity of a furniture’s frame.

3. Check the Spring Material
Quality construction demands tempered steel, like high-carbon tempered steel springs used at Creative Leather. This will help assure you have a lifetime of “sag-free” comfort and appearance. Watch for classic-webbing or other “rubber band” springs . These can break down – sometimes in relatively short order.

4. Check the Warranty
Always be sure to check the warranty. Read it over carefully. How long does it last? What’s excluded? Where do repairs take place? Does it have to be shipped? Who pays for shipping? The answers to these questions can mean the difference between spending and saving large amounts of time and money.

5. Check the Padding Material
Be sure to check for full padding material throughout. Don’t hesitate to “test squeeze” it to check the amount of padding or resiliency. Furniture can get awfully uncomfortable over time without the right amount of padding material.

Well, we’re halfway through the list. Hang in there. We’ll post the next 10 checkpoints soon. In the meantime, visit Creative Leather Furniture at one of our many furniture locations in greater Phoenix. We have stores in Chandler, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Glendale and Centennial, CO..