At Creative Leather Furniture, we take quality leather very seriously. We know sometimes understanding the aspects of quality leather can complicate your decision making. That’s why we recommend using the “4 S’s” of Leather. Much like the 4 C’s of Diamonds, which define cut, clarity, carat and color, the 4 S’s of leather are Softness, Surface Grain, Special Effect and Serviceability. This article covers the first two S’s, Softness and Surface Grain. We hope this will help take the guesswork out of leather shopping and help you make an educated decision for your home.

Softness is the essential and defining characteristing of leather. The overall comfort and cost of leather is directly linked to the softness of the leather, which reflects its quality. Generally speaking, the softer the leather, the higher the quality.

Surface Grain
Surface Grain mirrors the softness category. The more true surface grain is present, the more natural and soft the leather is. The lower the degree of surface grain, the lower the cost (and often softness) may become.

  • Full Grain or Full Top Grain: The key word here is “full”. This means 100% natural grain. Typically this is the highest quality, most expensive leather.
  • Top Grain: Originally a full grain that has been altered through light sanding, barely noticeable to the naked eye.
  • Corrected & Embossed Grain: A top grain leather that has been thoroughly sanded, then embossed with a natural looking uniform grain pattern.
  • Embossed Grain: A full grain hide that is heavily pigmented and embossed with a less natural uniform grain pattern.

Check back soon to read more about the 4 S’s of Leather, Special Effect and Serviceability.