At Creative Leather Furniture, we’re serious about leather. Knowing the “4 S’s” of Leather (Softness, Surface Grain, Special Effect and Serviceability) can help you make an educated decision when it comes time for you to purchase leather furniture. This article covers the third and fourth S’s, Special Effect and Serviceability.

Special Effect
Countless varieties of leather are available. Many leather varieties are achieved through the use of special effect. Here are a few guides to help you understand which special effects may appeal most to your needs:

  • Multiple Effects: Defined by more than two special effects such as hand-rubbing or metallic that create an upscale look and price.
  • Active Effects: Injection of oil or wax to create a color-burst when stretched during the upholstering process. This is often called “pull-up”.
  • Mechanical Effects: Processed through automated techniques and includes such effects as two-tone sauvage and distressed.
  • Uniform Color: A spray of pigmentation creates a uniform color throughout the hide.

Leathers range from easy care with high resistance and low maintenance – to leathers with minimal resistance that require regular maintenance. When you buy leather, it is important to match your lifestyle with leather serviceability.

  • Maximum Resistance: Impervious to spills and strains, very easily cleaned. Best for heavy-duty or commercial requirements.
  • Standard Resistance: Impervious to most spills and strains, easy to clean,. Best for residential serviceability requirements. Infrequent maintenance is required.
  • Natural Resistance: Highly luxurious leathers typically pure or naked, will gain a patina over time. Scheduled maintenance of a few times per year may be required as needed.
  • Minimal Resistance: Expensive and luxurious, typically a nubuck or suede. Designed for fashion and style application. Requires the highest level of care and maintenance.