What’s the number one reason consumers choose not to purchase leather furniture? Usually, it’s their misconstrued perception of leather furniture’s care and maintenance. In fact, we hear it all the time from customers: “I love the look and feel of leather furniture, but it’s too ‘high maintenance’ for my home.” Usually, we’ll let them air their grievances before telling them that leather furniture doesn’t require that much more care than a piece of furniture that’s made of cotton, vinyl, or linen.

Actually, if we’re splitting hairs here, depending on the weave and finish of your fabric sofa, ottoman, or bedframe, linen and cotton have difficulty withstanding heavy wear and tear. For example, linen is best suited for customers who have formal living rooms because this natural fabric soils and wrinkles easily. Moreover, linen doesn’t resist pilling and fading, and it requires professional cleaning on a regular basis.

Leather furniture, on the other hand, is a different story. Leather is a tough material that is easy to take care of, making it ideal for busy families and rooms with a lot of foot traffic. Of course, there are certain kinds of leather that require more care than others, but for the most part, leather furniture can withstand the test of time. All you need to do is gently vacuum and damp-wipe as needed. Occasionally, leather furniture should be cleaned with leather conditioner or saddle soap.

Okay, so we provided you with a few, quick footnotes on leather furniture care and maintenance, but we understand these tips aren’t enough to sway your purchasing decision one way or the other. Therefore, we’re taking a few moments to go into detail about some of these common misconceptions. It’s our goal to shed light on the truths of leather furniture so you can make your leather furniture purchase in complete confidence.

In part two of this blog, we’ll debunk the following myths and misconceptions about leather furniture:

  • You must be wealthy to purchase leather furniture
  • Leather furniture doesn’t last as long as fabric furniture
  • Children, animals, and large families damage leather furniture easily
  • Leather furniture takes on the temperature of the current season

We already commented on a few items in this list, but we’d like to explain some of our reasoning for why we think they are bogus. To learn more about the common misconceptions about leather furniture, check out part two of this blog!