As experts in the leather industry, it’s our job to provide tips and techniques that help customers identify the differences between real and faux leather. Again, we’re not trying to tell you what’s the “right” decision; we are simply trying to provide insight on the situation and explain the differences between the two materials. From there, you should be able to determine which product works best for you and your family.

Faux Leather vs. Real Leather

As we mentioned in the previous blog post, faux and real leather share two initial similarities: their look and feel. We say the word “initial” because, after a few days and weeks of use, these “similarities” will change. Vinyl is made of plastic, which means it lacks durability, and over time it will crack and split from overuse. Leather, on the other hand, gets softer and changes color to reveal its natural beauty.

There are some other tell-tale signs that the furniture you’re thinking about purchasing is made of vinyl, not leather. In addition to its wear, vinyl has one visual component that makes it look like leather, but it’s really not. You’ll notice with vinyl furniture that the pattern in the grain is repeated. A manmade material like leather will not have a repeated pattern because it is unique and derived from various animals.

Lastly, leather furniture will have a distinctive, rich smell that cannot be replicated by vinyl furniture makers. When it comes to which one is right for you – the decision is ultimately yours. One of the many benefits that come with purchasing Creative Leather furniture is our commitment to superior quality and durability. Our products are authentic and made with exceptional care, so customers don’t have to worry about being scammed.

The Creative Leather Promise

The sales team at Creative Leather is honest, credible, and only sells real leather to customers. Moreover, we have a number of programs in place that ensure patients receive the best customer service and care. One such program is the “Keep It Beautiful” program, which allows our experts to preserve your leather furniture in 6 or 12-month increments. Want to know more? Contact us today to speak to a Creative Leather specialist about the man benefits of owning one of our pieces.