Sofas & Loveseats

  • Monaco Sofa

    The Monaco has beautiful lines and comes as a sofa group or sectional. It can be customized to different lengths and depths. Whether your room needs a little more length to fit perfectly or you want a little more depth for comfort, this is the epitome of versatility, beauty and comfort.

  • Barcelona Sofa

    This contemporary leather sofa has modern flair with a deep seat and perfect pitch, yet doesn’t skimp on comfort. It’s simple styling looks great in most colors including bright vibrant colors and it makes a real statement in any room setting. Available in hundreds of configurations. We ship nation wide.

  • Ritz Sofa

    The Ritz represents what we are so good at. Customization. It can be made as a sofa group or sectional in almost any size you can imagine. Add some length or modify the arm.

  • Bellagio Motion Sofa & Curved Sofa

    Our best selling leather motion sofa or sectional. Whether you want 3 recliners in your sofa or more in your sectional. We offer more versatility in our motion than anyone. Available in hundreds of configurations to fit any room, including curved sofa’s. We Ship Nation Wide.

  • Capri

    The Capri Sofa is a beautiful example of fine European tailoring but built to our exacting standards here in the USA. We ship nation wide.

  • Catalina Curved Sofa

    The Catalina sofa has been one of our best selling pieces for over 20 years. With excellent back and lumbar support its built for all kinds of comfort needs. The Catalina is very unique in which depth and length are easily added and taken away to give you the perfect fit. We carry thousands of leathers allowing this sofa to adapt to any style of room.

  • Chesterfield Sofa

    The Chesterfield Sofa has a look and style that is distinctive and versatile. In a vintage leather it will blend into a traditional setting with ease. Your library, bedroom or especially around your fireplace. In a light leather it will add a contemporary punch to your ultra modern living room. It is remarkably comfortable and the painstaking detail displayed on this handmade piece is remarkable!

  • Vintage Ritz

    The Ritz sofa shown here in a lustrous italian leather which gives this style a authentic vintage look. This look has been gaining ground in the design world as it looks perfect in both a more modern or urban setting as well as a more traditional home.

  • Sedona Motion Sofa

    Contentment, peace and an aura of southwestern hospitality, the Sedona has power recliners and sits like a dream. It looks best with antique nail-head trim around the arms. Now you don’t have to visit the town to experience spiritual relaxation.

  • Monaco Motion Sofa

    The Monaco is one of our latest designs having just been launched this summer. It has a very European feel and beautiful lines. The Monaco also has generous seating and is supremely comfortable. Now also available in motion!

  • Ritz Motion Sofa

    Contemporary styling with a flair of Italian austerity give the Ritz Leather Sofa a truly distinctive character perfect for any living room.

  • Paris Club Sofa

    When one thinks of Parisian sidewalk cafes, an ambiance of relaxation and restful comfort comes to mind. We’ve tried to replicate this feeling in our Paris Club. Smooth, sophisticated lines with classic European styling makes this uniquely shaped arm chair a collector’s preference. Sit back, relax and recollect your favorite deja vus!

  • Laguna Sofa

    Sit back in the plush, billowy pillows of this modern Laguna Sofa sectional and your imagination can quickly feel the ebb and flow of the tide as it slowly lulls you to sleep. This comfortable sofa welcomes all who sit upon it with relaxation and warmth. Words can’t do it justice. Seeing it merely begins an appreciation. Experiencing it, leaves no doubt.

  • Carmel Sofa

    The Carmel’s tailored look is strinkingly tradtional while subtle contemporary lines give the Carmel an updated and modern appearance. A careful choice of leather can put this piece in virtually any room. We Ship Nation Wide.

  • Malibu Sofa

    As comfortable as it is inviting, you may never want to leave it. Upper back support. Lower lumbar cushioning. An extra-deep frame. The comfort-factor list could go on forever. Suffice it to say that sitting back on this sofa with a nice glass of wine and a good book will help your stressful day become little more than a fleeting memory.

  • Newport Sofa

    The creaking of the old clock as the waves lap against the shore can almost be heard as one relaxes in the gentle curves and comfort of this sofa. A tinge of salt air and a feeling of endless sunsets sets you in the mood as you indulge in it's comfort. Land ahoy! Make this your next port-of-call.

  • Monterey Sofa

    Casually transitional is how we like to describe this astoundingly comfortable piece that shows best as a two-piece, four-seat angular. Northern California influences make this sofa truly relaxing. You can almost hear the ocean waves as your head lays back and your eyes draw shut. This is yet another unique piece from our High Point Collection.

  • Kensington Sofa

    The Kensington sofa is a one of our newest models combining simple modern lines with a big luxurious feel.

  • Bellagio Curved Motion Sofa

    Our best selling curved motion sofa. High on comfort and great looking in any room. Available in hundreds of configurations to fit any room, including sectionals and curved sofa’s. Pictured as a 4 seat curved sofa with two reclining mechanisms. We Ship Nation Wide

  • Telluride Motion Sectional

    Casual and extremely comfortable, the Telluride is the right choice for any family that wants to recline in luxury.

  • Telluride Sofa

    Casual and extremely comfortable, the Telluride is the right choice for any family that wants to recline in luxury.

  • Contessa Sofa

    The Contessa has just recently been redesigned for a fresher look. Still elegant but more focused on comfort.With the Contessa being 96 inches in length it will be the center piece of any room. Available in thousands of leather and a customizable length, depth and height we can build you your perfect sofa.

  • Casablanca Curved Sofa

    Traditional styling and elegant design, the Casablanca makes you feel at home in any setting. With multiple nail-head trim designs combined with your choice of thousands of leathers you can keep this piece elegant and sophisticated or traditional and comfortable. With customizable length, depth and height the Casablanca can look great in any setting

  • Sante Fe Sofa

    Contentment, peace and an aura of southwestern hospitality, the Sante Fe Leather Sofa has beautiful window-pane leather panels throughout and sits like a dream. A very distinctive look that shows best with antique nail-head trim around the arms. The Santa Fe comes in an endless number of configurations.

  • Cosmopolitan Sofa

    Her royal highness. Our flagship model. She’s regal. She’s elegant. She’s the Contessa. After a decade of contenders, she still stands tall as one of our best selling and most enduring models. Beautiful to the eye and tough all the way to the heart. Available in multiple configurations. We ship nation wide.

  • Santa Barbara Sofa

    The Santa Barbara provides comfort and style which easily complements any family room. It comes in an array of stylish configurations. A member of our High Point Collection, this comfortable style welcomes you with southern California casualness and uniqueness. A hint of Spanish colonial styling gives this piece a traditional edge that allows for easy introduction into your home. Available as a sofa and as shown in a 4 seat angular starting at 3,299.

  • Valencia Sofa

    Classically contemporary in style with sophisticated looks and clean lines, the Valencia is perfect for the modern home. The beautifully shaped arm and coordinated leg give this style a distinct edge over most urban designs. The Valencia is available in dozens of configurations.

  • Maverick 4 Seat Curved Sofa

    The Maverick is a traditionally western-style piece which is accentuated by antique nail-head trim and tapered “cowboy” feet. It can take on an elegant flair with simple cord welting around the arms. Casual and welcoming, the Maverick greets you home with all the down-home traditions of days gone by.

  • Durango Curved Sofa

    With comfortable, old-world styling and a classic design, it’s hard to overlook this traditional, yet unique sofa. Comfortably appointed and stylishly adorned, the Durango has been a showroom standout since it’s inception.Shown here with optional pillow-top cushions, can also be made with a box cushion. We SHip Nation Wide.

  • Prescott Sofa

    The Prescott Sectional has been a staple in our lineup for many years. It has gorgeous styling including generous arms which make it perfect for lounging. Perfect place to read a book or your tablet.

  • Austin Sofa

    As classic as its Spanish namesake, this traditional style European furniture is high on comfort and looks, yet gratifyingly well priced. Place it in any room whether old world or modern and it seems to fit right in. The Santiago can be crafted in hundreds of configurations to fit any room.

  • Enzo Reclining Sofa

    The Enzo Recliner combines stylish design, an array of customization and fully reclining Headrest for the ultimate lounging experience. Available in over 500 of the worlds finest leathers. Our newest design is sure to become the best seat in the house! Also available in Sofa, Loveseat, and sectional configurations. Come stop by one of our 5 showrooms today to learn about the all new Enzo Recliner!

  • Studio City Sofa

    The Studio City sofa is at home in any setting. Whether in a cutting edge urban home or an old world villa, just let the leather you select finish the design. Featuring a beautiful wood base and button tufting the Studio City is the epitome of high style. Crafted in dozens of additional configurations.