As we stated in “part one” of this blog, our goal is to go into detail about protecting your leather furniture from animals, specifically dogs and cats. Why? Simply stated, general leather furniture care and maintenance are not enough to protect your leather furniture from your pet. Therefore, we’ve got even more tips that may be incredibly useful whether you have a pet or plan to get a pet in the future.

If the methods we listed to train your pet do not work, you can still protect your furniture using alternative methods. For example, one of the best ways to protect your leather furniture is to place a blanket over your pet’s favorite resting spot. This will ensure the leather is protected from unwelcome scratches and unfortunate accidents. Plus, blankets allow your pet to be a part of family time. Whether you’re watching a movie on the couch or enjoying game night, your pet can be a part of the festivities!

Of course, a blanket may not be enough to protect your long-term investment. As such, you may want to begin your leather-furniture-buying-journey by purchasing a protectant to prevent pet-related wear and tear. This extra coat will not only protect against destruction from your pets, but it will also ensure the color and feel of your leather furniture lasts a lifetime.

If you’re interested in an extra protectant, talk to the team at Creative Leather. We can add a protectant to an existing couch or ensure it is applied to a product in production. Speaking of Creative Leather services, we offer a program that cleans and refurbishes your leather furniture. Depending on the state of your Creative Leather furniture, our team may be able to perform the following:

  • Maintenance
  • Leather Cleaning
  • Re-stuffing
  • Sewing Repairs
  • Some Re-upholstering

Our team is committed to refreshing and refurbishing your Creative Leather product by cleaning, replacing leather, fixing stitching, re-stuffing, and so much more! Allow us to keep your Creative Leather furniture looking beautiful and new – call Creative Leather today to learn more about our “Keep It Beautiful” program!