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Terms of sales – All orders require a minimum 50% down payment. This order may not be canceled or returned by the customer. Only items deemed defective & beyond repair by Creative Leather will be considered for exchange or refund. All cancellations and/or refunds are at the sole discretion of Creative Leather and are subject to 50% restocking fee, including tax and delivery fees. Delivery of damages or discrepancies must be noted on Creative Leather’s copy of the delivery ticket at the time of delivery. Creative Leather cannot be held liable for delays caused by suppliers, the freight industry, natural disasters, accidents, fires or any other reason beyond our control. The delivery date is an estimate. Creative Leathers Warranty is valid on Creative Leather merchandise ONLY! Goods sold by, but not manufactured by Creative Leather, may carry different manufacturer’s warranties for each product line.

Terms of sale –    By signing your contract you are agreeing to pay the invoice amount in full in 2 payments, 50% upon commencement of the order and the remaining 50% upon completion. You agree to accept the furniture upon completion.

Creative Leather Furniture Manufacturers Warranty


This warranty is non-transferable, given to the original owner by Creative Leather Furniture and applies only to merchandise built in the Creative Leather Furniture Factory. Creative Leather sells many other name brand furniture items and accessories. For warranty information on goods sold by, but not built by Creative Leather Furniture, see section titled “Warranty For Third Party Goods”.


Frame                                       Limited Lifetime

Suspension                               Limited Lifetime

Seat Cushions                           Limited Lifetime

Stitching                                   Limited Lifetime

Reclining Mechanism                 Two Years

Motor Warranty                          One Year

Sleeper Mechanism                   Two Years

Air Dream Sleeper Mattress        One Year

Leather Warranty                       Two Years



Frame Limited Lifetime: The structural integrity of Creative Leather Furniture-built product begins with the frame. Precision-cut wood frame parts are made from kiln-dried lumber and hardwood laminates to resist warping, cracking and structural failure. Joints are “double-blocked” for long-term stability. All connecting surfaces are glued, stapled and power screwed for added strength and dependability, making our frames among the strongest in the industry. The frame is warranted for life against manufacturing  and material defects, under normal use and conditions.

Suspension Limited Lifetime: The comfort of a Creative Leather Furniture product begins with the suspension system. We utilize the most admired and time-tested methods of suspension construction to provide incomparable support, comfort and longevity. The Creative Leather Furniture suspension system is warranted for life against manufacturing and material defects under normal use and conditions.

Seat Cushions Limited Lifetime: Our designers have engineered the seating environment to best fit the essence of the frame style. Whether the seats are composed of our hand-formed foam cushions, High Resilience polyurethane foam cores, luxurious down/feather duvet or our custom innerspring cores, we guarantee them to be free of material/manufacturing defects for the life of the product under normal use and conditions.

It is the customer’s obligation to rotate their removable cushions to ensure even wear. The customer must use care when removing seat cushions so as not to cause undue wear on the decking material under the cushions. With usage, seat cushions will soften naturally over time. A normal loss of resiliency is not a defect and would be excluded from this warranty.

Stitching Limited Lifetime: We guarantee that the stitching on our leather furniture will be free of manufacturing defects for the life of the product under normal use and conditions.

Reclining Mechanisms Limited Lifetime: The reclining mechanism is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects for the useful life of your product under normal conditions and based on reasonable use for 2 years.

Sleeper Mechanisms Limited Lifetime: Your sleeper mechanism is guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for the life of your product under normal conditions and based on reasonable use.

Sleeper Mattress One Year: Creative Leather Furniture offers the Air Dream brand mattress for standard-sized and queen-sized sleeper applications. The Air Dream air mattress, air chamber and air chamber valve is warranted to the original owner for a three-year period and the inflator is warranted for a one-year period. The Air Dream is designed and intended for temporary use. It is not warranted for use  as a primary sleeping surface. This warranty only covers defects in material or workmanship.

Special order sizes and/or types of sleeper mattresses, other than Air Dream, are warranted for 2 years against material or manufacturing defects. These mattress types are also intended for temporary use and not as a primary sleeping surface.

Additional Protection – As we design and craft our furniture in our local factory, should anything ever happen to your piece of furniture, rest assured that we can assist in remaking pieces. Replacing leather due to pet damage, moving damage or other unforeseen issues are just a few of the reasons we have assisted our customers over a 30 year period so that they can continue to enjoy their furniture as they intended.




This manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any damage that occurs after delivery or pick up of goods.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover any conditions arising from consumer negligence, misuse, abuse, alterations, fire, flood or any natural event, chemical treatments, accidents, improper cleaning, normal wear and tear, shipping damages other than occurring on Creative Leather Furniture transport vehicle, contact with sharp or abrasive objects and/or materials. Any damage caused by the use of methods, chemical cleaners and/or conditioners not recommended by Creative Leather Furniture is excluded.

This warranty excludes intentional damage, pet damage, damage from pet or human fluids, stains or spills of any known or unknown origin.

Stitching that has been snagged, broken or pulled loose is considered damage and would be excluded from this warranty. Stitching that is damaged by dry rot due to spillage on the stitched area is excluded.

Creative Leather Furniture reserves the right to inspect and determine the cause for the malfunction of any mechanism. If Creative Leather Furniture’s opinion states that the malfunction has occurred because the mechanism has been misused or abused by the customer, Creative Leather Furniture shall not be liable for parts or repair. The decision regarding the cause of the defect is solely that of Creative Leather Furniture.

Creative Leather Furniture may not be held liable for any damage to any home, damage to any merchandise contained in the home or being delivered to any home unless the damage occurs during a delivery that is authorized and scheduled by the Creative Leather Furniture Distribution Team.

Upon delivery, once Furniture has been placed in the home, any impairment of the plastic glides provided on the furniture’s feet or the feet themselves are the responsibility of the customer and not part of the warranty. The customer is also responsible for ensuring that they have the right protection for their type of flooring and the integrity of the feet or glides on the feet thereafter.

This warranty applies only to residential use of the goods. Creative Leather Furniture does not warranty goods for commercial use unless stated, pre-sale, in writing.  This statement must be signed and dated  by the Creative Leather Furniture Director of Customer Relations. The warranty contained in these pages is the only manufacturers warranty expressed or implied by Creative Leather Furniture upon the publishing date of this warranty.

Creative Leather Furniture retains the sole right in determining the useful life of its product and will take into consideration any valid receipts from the consumer for cleanings and/or repairs during the life of the product when determining the useful life.

If Creative Leather Furniture determines that the product has not been properly cared for and maintained, Creative Leather Furniture may void this manufacturers warranty


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