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Care Instructions


Care Instructions

It is the obligation of the customer to maintain the merchandise purchased from Creative Leather Furniture and follow the care prescription given by Creative Leather Furniture.

Leather needs very little maintenance under normal usage but does require attention periodically. Different leather types require different care instructions. It is the customer’s responsibility to follow the care instructions that are outlined for their leather type. When furniture consists of two or more leather types, in a leather/fabric or hair on hide combination, it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain the specific set of care instructions and maintain each leather/fabric type individually per those instructions. It is the customer’s obligation to clean or have cleaned, any areas that are exposed to accumulation of  head or body oils.

When using any cleaning method, whether dry, with water or chemical, even if Creative Leather Furniture recommends it, it is always the obligation of the consumer to pretest in an inconspicuous area before using them on the visible areas of the furniture. Apply and allow any chemicals or solutions to dry in the hidden area to check for colorfastness or texture change. Only then should you proceed in using the chemicals on the visible areas.

Our warranty does not cover fading or discoloration. It is the customer’s obligation to keep the product away from the elements of nature, direct or indirect sunlight or other sources of light, caustic household chemicals, hairsprays and any other chemicals that can harm the leather.

The decision to refund (full or partial), exchange or repair any parts or finished goods we determine to be defective, is solely at the discretion of Creative Leather Furniture. We also reserve to right to replace any leather parts with a best possible matching leather.