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Delivery Information


Delivery Information – Creative Leather charges a standard delivery fee for a typical 2 man delivery. The customer must ensure and is responsible for the ability of our delivery staff to safely navigate through the customers home to the intended destination. A damage waiver will be required if the delivery staff or their manager deems the space to be too narrow or difficult to safely deliver the furniture to. Our staff would otherwise be directed to locate the furniture as close the intended space as possible without causing any damage to the furniture or the home. In all cases the destination must have appropriate access which could include hallways, stairs, or elevator. A one hour time frame is assigned for a typical delivery and would increase depending on the amount of furniture scheduled to be delivered. Because they are on a strict schedule, the appointment is for the delivery and set up of your newly purchased furniture. Moving current furniture to a new location within the home, unless approved ahead of time, or disposal of current furniture is not part of this service.

Labor & Transportation Terms for Service Work – Labor and transportation to repair covered issues as described in this manufacturers warranty, is done at no cost to the consumer for one year when logistical requirements meet the following criteria. The first year of service starts on the day that the delivery of the item(s) took place. The location of the furniture is within 50 miles of one of our operating locations. Creative Leather Furniture reserves the right to determine its own service area. We reserve the right to close or open our operating and/or retail locations without notice.

Transportation for the period beyond the first year of service will be at the customer’s expense. Creative Leather Furniture will provide and charge for transportation when the transportation is needed within our service area. The customer is responsible for providing their own transportation at their own expense when the merchandise is located outside our service area.

Whether or not the merchandise is located within our current service area, Creative Leather Furniture may subcontract a vendor of our choosing to inspect, evaluate or repair the product. If the claim is reported after the one-year period, the cost of repair (unless a warranted issue) and/or transportation is to be the responsibility of the customer and to be paid at the time services are rendered.

Only Creative Leather Furniture or it’s authorized technician(s) may determine if a product has been properly cared for.

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