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Oil Pull Up Leather Care


Care Instructions For Oil Pull-Up Leather

Regular maintenance includes light dusting with a soft, clean, white cloth, damp with distilled or purified water. This leather may be vacuum cleaned with a very soft brush attachment on a low suction setting.

To prevent dry-out and fading, this product must be kept away from direct sunlight, bright indirect sunlight and other sources of light or heat.

For spots and stains, immediately blot up (do not rub) excess moisture with a soft, clean, white cloth. When needed, use a soft, clean, white cloth with lukewarm distilled water. You may also use soft cleaner. Care kits and bottles of soft cleaner may also be purchased at any of our showrooms. See product instructions for details.

Whether you use distilled water or soft cleaner, it is important to clean the entire panel and not just a spot. This way, when wiping off the entire panel (such as a complete seat cushion top or complete arm), after it dries, the area will dry more uniformly and will be less likely to show the area where the stain occurred. Allow to air dry. During the cleaning process, do not use a hair dryer or heat source. Many stains, even if absorbed into the leather, may dissipate into the leather over time.

To protect this leather against most stains, under normal use, this leather must be conditioned with Creative Leather Furniture recommended cream conditioner, a minimum of four times per year or more frequently as needed. More specific instructions for the application of this conditioner are found inside the kit that Creative Leather Furniture recommends.

Most minor scratches in this leather can be removed by the consumer. Call the Creative Leather Furniture Customer Relations staff for guidance.

If and when this leather takes on a worn or aged look, in most instances, you, the consumer, can revitalize it. Contact our Customer Relations Department for specific recommendation of product.