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Designed for Life,
Built for a Lifetime.

Materials and Craftsmanship at the Highest Standard.

High-quality leather is something that you wear in, not something that wears out. We believe that every element of your furniture should have the same longevity. Our furniture is meticulously constructed from scratch using only the finest materials. From the cushions to the solidly-constructed frames, each furniture piece on our floor is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. With each couch, table, or ottoman, we strive to create the ultimate experience in individuality, luxury, and comfort.

The Leather

Our leather is sourced from top tanneries in Italy, Germany, and South America,
meaning that it’s handled with care and integrity from origin to final product.

Full-Grain and Top-Grain Leather

The top layer of leather is the most valuable, providing a soft,
natural and authentic texture that endures through years of heavy wear.

New Generation Leather

These multi-layered or artist-applied options have plenty of
room for versatility while offering unmatched value.

Unique Exotics

Explore your individuality with exciting one-of-a-kind fabrics
like faux alligator or hair-on-hide leather.

Pure Aniline Dyes

Vivid and luxurious, aniline dyes give lasting color while
preserving the appearance of the leather’s natural grain.

Nu-Buck and Suede Options

Fabulous buttery-soft panels brushed and buffed until they
provide a texture that’s velvety to the touch.

leather frame

The Frames

The longevity and durability of your furniture starts with the integrity of the frame. We’re proud to exceed the highest standards in our construction.

  1. Engineered and Hardwood Lumber

    Our frames resist warping, cracking, and structural failure caused by weathering and wear.

  2. Precision Cuts

    Our new CNC routers provide clean, locked-in joints measured to the millimeter for a seamless finish.

  3. Sustainable Construction

    Our frames are created with an eye to reducing waste, opting for environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced lumber.

suspension system

The Suspension

With an eye to long-term comfort, our suspension systems utilize time-tested construction for incomparable support as time goes by.

  1. High-carbon tempered steel springs used on both seat and backs.
  2. Highest gauge steel springs for incredible stability and comfort.

The Cushions

While our pieces may give a classic impression, our cushions are anything but old-school. We utilize the latest materials and construction for optimum comfort.

  1. Individually hand-formed cushions for versatility and optimum fit.
  2. Reflex™ space-age composite materials that last year after year.
  3. Luxurious down and feather top cushions to add accents and comfort.